This is a question that trips many people. The younger, tech-savvy people instinctively say YES, while the more traditional, technophobic folks are inclined to say NO. The reality is somewhat more complex.

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Any business must have an online presence

The truth is that from a business perspective, the answer could have been “not necessarily” till yesterday. But not anymore.

In recent years, Internet penetration has risen sharply. For example, according to the World Bank, United Kingdom’s Internet penetration rose from 26.8% in 2000 to 83.2% in 2009. This means that 8 out of 10 of your customers (men, women, children and seniors) are already online and more are getting online every day. And they are using the Internet more and more to find out about products and services online.

On one hand, this means that by providing glitter body painting and having an online presence, you are expanding your reach to nearby villages/ towns or colonies in cities as customers in those places can find you.

On the other hand, this means that your customers are searching on the web for glitter body painting services, and if you don’t provide them, then they can easily find a person who can. Often, when they go to a new body painter for glitter services, they stay there for conventional services as well, instead of coming back to you.

The other aspect is supply-side. With the advent of technologies such as Paypal and electronic bank transfers, online commerce has become so safe that reputed suppliers like prefer online transactions.

This is great for you, because by eliminating several stages of distributors and wholesellers, these suppliers can provide their high-quality products to you at great rates.

In summary, it is absolutely essential for you to have an online presence, irrespective of how big or small you may be.

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