Glitter body art or glitter tattoo is the latest trend sweeping through Europe. One reason for such popularity is that they are so lively. A touch of glitter even makes other arts such as face painting, body painting, henna, etc magical.

Glitter tattoo

Glitter tattoo

Glitter tattoos are perfect as they provide the freedom and flexibility to choose new designs and colors every few days, and to change your mind as often as you want. (See our comparison of glitter tattoos to henna and traditional tattoos at the bottom of this page)

Our jewelry collection of stencils make it a breeze to create sparkling, waterproof jewelry-shaped glitter tattoos perfect for a summer day on the beach.

Contrary to popular perception, glitter tattoos don’t always have to be dazzling and intense; when made with iridescent glitter and gem powders they can be quite subtle and sublime. In fact, this type of body art is a very elegant and increasingly popular addition to bridal makeup.

Glitter tattoos may seem a specialized affair. But with our materials and techniques, anyone can make glitter tattoos within a few minutes. Click on the links on the left to learn more about glitter body art and even get step-by-step directions to make glitter tattoos in 7 easy steps.

Following is a quick comparison of glitter tatoos with henna and tattoos:

Glitter tattoo Henna Tattoo
Color options Wide range of options: from vibrant & vivid to subtle & classy Limited color options Many options
Lasts for 3-14 days 1-3 weeks Permanent
Time till ready Instant (done in 5 mts) Need to leave henna paste on for 8 hours Swelling lasts for 2-3 days
Health concerns Safe, external application Safe, external application Risk of infection
Creation Painless Painless Can be painful
Materials Cosmetic grade glitter & glue Natural plant products Chemical dyes