Face painting is an art. It can also be complex and tedious on occasion.

glitterify.me’s famed 7-step method makes it a little bit easier.

glitterify.me 7-step face painting


Painter: Margit Kováts

  1. Foundation. Lay a foundation by sponging on the lightest background color.
  2. Main features. Add the primary/large features or a darker background color.
  3. Minor features. Start defining features with your brush.
  4. Thick strokes. Add thick brushstrokes and outlines.
  5. Fine strokes. Add thin outlines and detail.
  6. Finishing touches. Finish strong by adding glitter, painting lips, or using facepainting stencils to create a subtle texture.
  7. Finished! All done, and you are ready to show off your creation.

Below you will find some links to examples of the 7-step method in action.

Use good-quality paints that are rich in pigments so that the artwork is vivid and vibrant even after the paint dries.

Pay close attention to color selection – you should choose colors that are in harmony. e.g. orange and yellow. Black outlines also tend to bring out the colors well, in addition to defining the shapes.

You may mix a little black to create a darker shade and white to create a lighter one. You may use different brands to achieve various effects, and you may even mix them…but remember – water-based paints only mix with water-based paints and oil-based paints only mix with oil-based paints.

Facepainting designs – step-by-step

Butterfly facepainting Ladybird facepainting Tiger facepainting
Butterfly facepainting step-by-step Ladybird facepainting step-by-step Tiger facepainting step-by-step